What do you find is the most accessible and feature rich podcast host on the web

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Wasn't sure what category to put this under as it's a case of looking at websites, for the most part, that work well with voiceover and that host podcasts.

I'm currently using Soundcloud to host my podcast, Welcome To Middlon, which is a D&D actual play podcast. Got it all set up into iTunes etc and it seems okay, but the interface is a little clunky and when I try and upload a large file in safari, it tends to freeze up and I get the cursed, "Safari Busy" message.

What are other peoples experiences with different hosts? Is audio boom worth a look? How about Bluebery? Any other suggestions?

For me, the most important things are, simplicity of use, automation for when I'm not about to upload files by hand, integration with other services and use of the new iTunes tags.

Let me know your experiences with different providers in the comments below.