Usability Ratings that reflect accessibility

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Hi all,

When submitting apps to the App Directory, could I ask that you give a Usability Rating that accurately reflects any comments you have made about button labelling and page elements.

There have been a few instances recently where people have made negative comments about button labelling and also indicated that VoiceOver does not read all page elements, but have still given a Usability Rating that says the app is fully accessible.

In the case of apps where VoiceOver does not read all page elements, I think it is very difficult to argue that they are fully accessible.

Button labelling, however, can be more of a grey area. If the labels are not perfect but still very easy to translate into something meaningful, it is certainly possible to accept the app as fully accessible. If they are less than obvious, it is perhaps more appropriate to give a Usability Rating that indicates that there are some accessibility issues.

As always, you are encouraged to use the Accessibility Comments field when submitting apps to give more detailed information on any specific accessibility issues.

Please remember that people might spend money on the basis of what you say about an app.

Thanks to everybody who submits apps to the App Directory.