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Hi all. Just wondering, would you find it useful to have an official iOS and Mac app for Applevis? I am not a developer, and have no part in managing the site, so I have no idea if such an app could be feasible at the moment with the site's architecture. I also am unsure if Apple would allow it past the gatekeepers. However, if this could be done, here are the features I'd like to see: An app store style interface for browsing the app directiry. A way to view the rest of the site, such as forums, guides etc. The ability to submit content to the above sections as well as comment on what's already there. Submitting apps could be a bit of a challenge I suspect. Push notifications to alert you to posts you're watching, as well as monitor parts of the site for updates, like app deals, your favourite app categories and the like. Push is apparently coming to mountain lion so you'd get the same functionality on both platforms. a Share function to post your findings to Facebook and twitter, as well as the usual e-mail/SMS options. I think each version of it would have to be limited to apps that run on whichever platform you're running. i.e. the iOS version would only display iOS apps. Also, unfortunately for some, I think jailbreak apps will have to be omitted from the iOS version, because apple would see it as a way to promote jailbreaking. This is all I can come up with for now, so I'll leave it open to discussion. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on this. Take care, Kara x



Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Friday, June 8, 2012

Hello, There is already a possibility to use applevis as an iOS app don't know if the applevis admins are reading what I'm saying, but, I am quite sure this site is build using drupal CMS, don't know if 6 or 7. If so, drupal has a module called drupad unfortunately the app - - is paid, not free. Admin must install the drupad module on the site then, configure its privileges, to allow users to create content. for example setting "create content" to authenticated users the iPhone app is fully accessible! it works like that: 1. set a 4-numbers pass code 2. enter the site's name, URL (without http, just, and username and password 3. press "save" 4. double-tapping on the site's name, from the main drupad window. if you have admin privileges you can administer the whole site, otherwise it gives you options the admin wants you to have. Of course every time you enter drupad from iPhone you must type the 4-digits pass code, the keyboard appearing is like the one of the phone. after typing the fourth number, the main window opens automatically. When setting the pass code the first time, it asks you to type it twice. 4 digits, then there's no voice feedback, so you just know you have to type the code again. Afterwards it can be typed just once. If the admin would enable drupad modules, the iOS app problem is solved Unfortunately I cannot give it a try right now and telling you how it works with applevis, admin should do it I'll warn him about this thread and see what is his feedback For mac, I do not know there is no drupal client ...if the applevis site is managed with another CMS, all my comment cannot be considered any longer PS I am a web developer, not an iOS developer; but, as every section of this site has RSS feeds, I suppose there is not so trouble to do a custom app, if the drupad way is not possible, which reads everything bye for now!

Submitted by AppleVis on Friday, June 8, 2012


In an ideal world this is clearly something that we would love to do, and you're certainly not the first to ask <smile>

However, it is simply not feasible. The complexity of developing an app that provided the required level of integration and interaction with the existing site is far beyond the skills that we have available to us. Knowing how the site works, I am under no illusion that it would even be a major challenge for an experienced app developer.

For now, this will have to stay on the wishlist.

Nice idea, but that sounds like it'll be way too compicated for the average user to deal with, regardless of how accessible the may be. Not to mention you'd be paying for something to access a free site. I assume that app is primarily used by webmasters to manage their site on the go. But thanks for your thoughts anyway. Kara

I'm afraid that the Drupad app is a long way from being a realistic option.

I have it myself, and it is okay for managing certain administrative tasks, but for regular site users it would have very limited use or capabilities (and to be fair that is not what it is is designed for).

For example, you cannot use the app to search or browse content (unless you use the built-in web browser, in which case you might as well be using Safari).

In theory it is possible to post new content through the app, but this does not work reliably with the nature and amount of information that is required to post to some areas of the site.

You also cannot add comments through the app, unless you use the built-in browser. Again, it's quicker and easier to simply use Safari.

Looking at Kara's original wishlist, I don't see one thing on there that Drupad would be able to do.

However, it is an app that I monitor, as it shows just a hint of what might be possible.

You could for now make a basic Applevis app with less features, like only browsing the app directories. Later as your skills may improve, you could expand on it. Just an idea, I am not a coder so can't help with that aspect, though. I'd be more willing to beta test and what not however.

Submitted by Joseph on Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hey, I like this! I've thought obout posing something like this up here myself.