Strange behavior of buttons

First, thanks to the AppleVis editorial team and all users for creating such a ritch resource.
I wanted to bring to your attention some issues I am having when poasting to the site.
I have to press on the "save" button multiple times before it will react. It usually works, but I am writing this message a second time because the last time, pressing the "save" button cleared my comment altogether.
This isn't a huge issue, but it is something I figured you would want to know about.
Thanks for your attention, and please keep doing what you do.


#1 hi

Hi! this is a bug of yosemiti or iOS device, I hope that will fix on iOS 9.
this problem doesn't related for applevis website.

#2 try flik wright and left and dubble tapit

hy, you can try flik wright and left and dubble tapit. this is A bug frum VO actually