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If you follow us on Twitter, there's a good chance that you will already have noticed that we've just made a few minor tweaks around the place.

The first is that a message is now automatically posted to Twitter whenever we mark something on the site as being a hot topic. Because we no longer tweet forum replies, this should ensure that our Twitter followers can still get an indication of which topics are …. well, are 'hot' I guess (smile) On the subject of Twitter, we've added an additional field when submitting an iOS app to the App Directory where you can enter the developer's Twitter username. Naturally, this is an optional field, as we certainly don't expect this to be something that you will know … and in some cases developers aren't even on Twitter. However, because so many people now use Twitter as a primary means of contact, we feel that the username of the developer is something that could be useful to know. And, in fact, we plan on using this information ourselves, as we'll be using this to point the developers to what our community has to say about their apps. So, if you do happen to know the Twitter username of a developer, do please include it when submitting or updating App Directory entries. If you know the Twitter username for an app that has been submitted to the Directory by somebody else, then please let us know via a reply to that entry and we'll do what's necessary. We are confident that this will provide us with additional opportunities to connect with developers and increase awareness of iOS accessibility. If you don't already follow us on Twitter, you can find us at @AppleVis



Submitted by Justin Ekis on Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hi. Those are good changes that I think will be quite helpful. Here's an idea for another minor change that could make navigation a little easier on the Mac. In forum threads, the link that shows the category of the post is considered a navigation link. So when I reach it, Voiceover announces "leaving main entering navigation." Then, as I read on, VO announces "leaving navigation entering main" before reading the rest of the post. Fortunately, this only happens when I'm reading through the page manually. If I use continuous reading, it reads normally. Anyway, it would cut down on verbosity if whatever markup is identifying that as a navigation link could be removed. Keep up the great work, guys.