Recommendations for recording youtube videos on apple devices?

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Hello all
I am totally blind and would like to start putting videos up on youtube. Mostly demonstrating music equipment and other electronics. I have access to a 15 inch MacBook pro (running windows 8.1 bootcamped), 13 inch MacBook air (running windows 7 pro) as well as an iPad 4. Will probably just record in one take and not do any editing.
I was thinking of sitting at a table and having the mac and other items in front of me when recording. I could also have someone record with the back camera of the iPad although not sure how well the microphone would pick up my voice.
Recommendations on apps? Standing/sitting? Camera/item placement etc etc?
Also, is there a limit on youtube videos such as 10 minutes with the free youtube account?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I often do screen casts if I'm doing software. I use quick time for doing this. The camera app will do you find on yoru iphone with youtube videos and video recording in general.