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I have two questions.
1) Most podcasts have an audio clip at the end that reminds listeners to "visit the applevis site " and at the website they can "contact the applevis team". But in fact, there is no link anywhere on the site labeled "contact the applevis team". What does that audio clip actually mean about contacting the team? Wouldn't it be better to say something like "add to the community knowledge"? Or am I missing the point of that audio blurb.

2) I was going to update an app directory entry created by an unregistered user that was no longer accurate. But I had two issues. First, I could easily add comments but I couldn't figure out how to change the app from "free" to "paid". Second when I tried to find the price on my phone, because I already had the app, the price field in the app store was replaced with an "open" button. If you own an app and would like to tell someone else its current price, how do you find it out? And more importantly, how do you change an app directory entry created by another person?
Thanks for the assistance.



Submitted by AppleVis on Monday, May 23, 2016

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hello Deborah,

You will find a ‘Contact’ link near to the bottom of every page on the site which can be used to contact the Editorial Team directly.

In regard to App Directory entries, these can only be updated by the original poster. Where an app entry is in need of updating, we will typically reach out and ask the poster to do so. If they are unable to do this for some reason, we may in some circumstances ask somebody else if they would consider taking over the entry (typically this would be somebody who has posted replied containing updated information on the app). In the case of this particular app, the original poster no longer has an account. So, hopefully it wasn’t taking too much of a liberty, but we have now switched this entry to your user account, meaning that you will now be able to make any updates.

As for app prices, one option if available is to follow the app store link from a browser on your computer, as this should open the web-based listing of the app and that will show the price regardless of whether you have purchased the app.

We hope that this helps.

The AppleVis Editorial Team