problems with apple ID using Mac apStore

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Hi everyone I'm wondering someone knows why I having problems when use my apple ID? I have an iPhone 4S and a MacBook Pro, associate both with same apple ID, the same apps who I bought previously for my iPhone I could not download on my Mac, I need to purchase again for the same apps... if someone been the same issues please let me know how or has some



Submitted by Chelsea on Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello Marco, Based on your question, it appears that you are trying to download/use the exact same apps on your Mac and iPhone. (Correct me if I'm wrong :).) This is not possible. Yes, both devices are made by Apple, and yes, you can transfer your iPhone apps to your Mac for safekeeping, but the actual operating system is different. There may be versions written for both devices, but you will have to purchase/download them separately. So that may be why your Apple ID is "not working." Most of the time, apps that are free on the iPhone are paid on the Mac, or vice versa. Or you might get a break and have both be free. The Mac App Store is also not to be confused with the iTunes App Store; the former is for the computer, the latter for your phone. If you are having problems transferring iPhone apps, that is in the realm of iTunes. Not trying to underestimate you or make your problem bigger; I really hope this helps. I know everything I or App can be a bit confusing at first.

Yeah Thanks Chelsie. I was conffiuse about it. Thanks for you help. my aple ID is working property, I guess the difference is between Mac OS and iPhone OS. so I new on Mac OS and it is fun using voiceOver on Mac oS... what Mac apps would you recommend Chelsie? Thanks for you comment was very helfull...

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