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Hi it's carlos, my question is about post mates, I want to know a few things. First when you place an order how can you contact the driver to ensure that the order is correct. I was told by post mates that you can, but when I told him a blind a news in bed with voiceover they did not understand that. Well dictation at its very best they did not understand that I use voice over, or what it even is. Because I order special things from the restaurants like, a big Mac cheese and light maximus only. Or Krystal burgers with cheese, no pickles, no onions, no mustard, but add like catch up. See so I definitely want to contact the driver to ensure things Also for example they have menus for different restaurants like today I ordered from Arby's but they had the small roast beef, and midsize roast beef but not the large roast beef on the menu and I know that is something that they have, so I was curious if anyone knows how to do that, and the final question is for the restaurants or stores that they do not have a any menus how do you place that order there's seems to be like a box where you can type or dictate the order, but my question is do you do with like say order the burger add that to the car and then go to the next box and order the fries, and add that to the car or is it one box where you put the whole entire order a dead go to the cart. Anyone that had a lot of experience with Postmates please let me know thank you Thank you again carlos


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