Order status is showing that my new iPod touch 7th generation was returned back to Apple when it was actually not.

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Hello everyone.
Okay, so I ordered my new iPod touch (7th generation) a few weeks ago, and it just got delivered today. However, when I look at the order status it says, "The carrier has delivered your return shipment to Apple and your refund will be processed shortly." I can assume that this is wrong, because I went to Federal Express which is my carrier to pick up my iPod Touch today. The carrier even updated the shipment information on their website. I shouldn't get refunded because my package was already delivered. I even looked it up on the Apple Store app. So, could it be that Apple hasn't updated the order status yet?



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Thursday, August 8, 2019

sounds like you might want to to contact apple to make sure you will not get refunded, just in case you actually do.

I'm not an expert, but take the advice for what it's worth.

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