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Hi. I've seen some stuff related to battery and other apps that talk about a notification center. but when I've tried to install these apps they don't work. do you need to have activator or some other app to get this new notification center thing? I'm running iOS 8.4 on an iPhone 6 plus 128 GB. Another thing I'd like to have work (which I couldn't get to work), is VibrateThings. I installed activator and installed VibrateThings. is there something else I need to do or would just installing those two apps together make that work? Like ok. I install Activator then install any other app that supports it and it just works, or do I need to do something else?

Thanks for all your help!



Submitted by John H on Thursday, October 1, 2015

I had no idea there was things you could put in the notification center, and that you c could edit it. that's what I was doing wrong, I never looked there to find what I was looking for.