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The new Applevis Site is very attractive; but less functional for me. I am 'visually impaired' and use ZoomText with a magnification level of 14 to 16 in order to see content of the site. I would visit the old site almost every day and see what new apps were being discussed. It was easy for me with the previous site to find the link to access the app on iTunes.

With the new site I very seldom visit because it is difficult to find the link to the app listed.
Perhaps with the high magnification that I must use - I am just missing the link that is available. I no longer recommend Applevis to those seniors like me who have very poor vision.

Bob Purvis
Sitka, Alaska



Submitted by dvdmth on Sunday, August 17, 2014

Club AppleVis Member

I can tell you where the App Store link is located. From the iOS directory, click on the app you're interested in, then navigate down until you find a heading called App Store Link. It's located below the app description and accessibility information, and above the user options area.

When using a screen reader, such as VoiceOver, this is easy to find, simply by navigating by heading. When using a screen magnifier, such as ZoomText, I will admit that it's trickier, since you have to scroll down some distance, and it's easy to go too far. As someone with partial vision myself, I can say from experience that this site is easier to use with a screen reader than with a screen magnifier.

I'm not sure what the best solution is for this. I suppose the App Store link can be moved to a more convenient spot near the top of the webpage, but that would move something else farther down the page, which may inconvenience someone else. Another solution might be to offer an App Store link on the app directory pages, so that one doesn't have to click on the app name and bring up its directory info before having access to the App Store link, but that would add more clutter to the app directory pages, which could also cause an inconvenience when browsing.

Frankly, I don't remember this being any different before the site redesign, so I'm not sure what made the link harder to find now than before.