Making "Latest App Recommendations" and "Latest Community Accessibility Ratings" Sections of AppleVis Even More Useful

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I love checking the "Latest App Recommendations" and "Latest Community Accessibility Ratings" sections on the Applevis homepage regularly, just to get a quick sense of what gems the community has recently discovered. These sections list five items each, and so really popular apps are often listed multiple times, taking up most if not all of the 5 slots. So, I wonder if the format could not be changed so that each app recommended or found to be accessible in the past 7 days gets listed once, with the number of reccomendations in that period indicated, e.g.:
"Pacman was recommended 30 times in the past 7 days".
If more than five apps have been recommended in the past 7 days, only the most recent five are listed on the homepage.

What do you guys think? Would it be reasonably easy to implement this on a technical level?

Keep up the good work!