Latest iTunes on Windows and selecting items apparently broken

Both with Jaws18 and NVDA latest, shift+arrowing either up or down while selecting items, neither screen reader reports what item is being selected, rather it reports the first item one selected, thus I had to count how many items up or down from the first one I wanted to delete off my iTunes library on my Laptop, before shift-arrowing in reverse to select and delete. Let us know if you guys can also reproduce this on your ends? My Laptop is a Windows7 HP.


#1 I am not having

I am not having this problem. When I press shift + down arrow or up arrow in iTunes, JAWS will not read the same item. If I press shift + down arrow, JAWS will read all of the items in my iTunes library. The same thing happens when I press shift + up arrow. I have a desktop computer running windows 8.1 and JAWS 15. I also have the latest version of NVDA.

#2 ITunes's accessibility or keyboard settings?

That's weird! So OK if it's not either jaws or NVDA, what keyboard settings within iTunes's Preferences/General should I look at? the Use Keyboard navigation is on, so what might the problem be then that iTunes doesn't read what i'm selecting with Shift+up and down arrows?