iTunes no longer syncs Outlook notes

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Hey guys!
I faced a problem with my iTunes when trying to sync my iPhone 6s with Outlook. I was using it for years to sync calendar events and contact and everything was perfect. Now, when I need to sync notes between the two devices, I simply cannot do that because for some reason there's no checkbox in iTunes for notes. First, I thought iTunes no longer need this and syncs notes by default. But after few attempts to do this no notes occurred on my phone.
I don't use iCloud for security reasons, so I'd prefer to stay with iTunes and sync without the Cloud.
Is there any trick how to make iTunes sync Outlook notes again?



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Monday, March 27, 2017

You will have to do this via mail in settings. Itunes has not done this for years, its all done via icloud. So go to settings, then mail, then choose what you want in terms of your outlook email address.

Submitted by Fatima.Hamoud10 on Monday, March 27, 2017

Try the following steps:
1. Restart iTunes.
2. Restart your computer.
3. Open iTunes.
4. Connect your iPhone to the computer.
5. Press tab until you hear "iPhone."
6. Press enter.
7. Press tab until you hear "Device sidebar tree view."
8. Press down arrow until you hear "Info."
9. Press tab until you hear "Sync outlook notes."
10. If the outlook notes checkbox doesn't show up, send a report to
Hope this helps and good luck!

Thank for your suggestion but I still can't find notes section. I've sent an email to Apple and will wait for their reply. Among the first results in Google for "sync iPhone with Outlook" there's a software called Akruto that declares itself working with notes. Here's the link: Have you had any previous experience with this program or anything similar?