how do I stop voiceover from counting down a timer on the lock screen?

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okay, first of all this may not be in the right place. If not I am sorry. Also I am unsure if I am even explaining this right so if not, just let me know. Okay, say you set a timer on your iPhone using the native clock app. Then you lock your screen for awhile, and an alert comes through, it could be twitter or something else. When the alert comes through and voiceover reads it, it starts counting down the timer, and does not stop until you flick your finger left or right on the screen, moving the focus to somewhere else on the screen. My question is, how do I fix this? Would turning the speak alerts on lock screen off fix the problem?? I can't put another app on my phone right now, because it's an eight GB phone. Sure I could turn off alerts all together but I really do not want to do that either. Thanks in advance.
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Submitted by Serena on Friday, August 14, 2015

it's a feature of VO. it's made to read bars and such so you know what they're doing. that's all you have to do. focus somewhere else. i find flicking right works best. sometimes flicking left doesn't make it move off the timer.

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