Help with iPhone 4S please

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Hi Everyone, I just stumbled upon this yesterday, and was curious to know if anybody else has experienced this, and what I can do to hopefully fix it. Under settings, notifications, and messaging, there is an option to set how many times your text Alert will go off when a text message is sent. You can set it to go off once, twice, three times, etc., but for me none of these are working. I get the initial vibration and text alert when a message comes through, but after choosing to have the alert go off twice, three times, etc. It will not repeat the alert. I've tried it with the screen locked, unlocked, with messaging being in the notification Center, with it being out of the notification Center, and pretty much every other way I can think of. I even went so far as to call both AppleCare, and Apple accessibility, as well as resetting my phone, under reset all. Still, no Difference. If anyone has any other ideas to try, please send them my way. This is about to drive me bonkers. It just aggravates me when something such as this, does not work right. I've googled the problem, and have come across other people that are having the same issue but still no fix as of yet. Thanks for any help, Shane.