Few Questions about using an IPhone.

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Hello everybody. In first words of this post I would like to apologize for my questions which maybe are silly, but I am new here and I already got my first Apple device. I have never used Apple products before.
I must say that the worst thing for me is typing and adding contacts, do you have any tricks how to learn typing easily? Calling is difficult too right now *smiles* I mean if I have to call someone by typing a nuber of a person I want to call. I heard about Siri, is she helpful? Can she add contacts for example *smiles*
Kind regards and thank you in advance for help.



Submitted by cjackson on Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Serri can't add a contact, but you can tell her to call someone in your contacts. You can also ask her to look up a contacts phone number. If you want to send text messages, or emails you could use the dictation feature. The dictation button is just to the left of the space bar. You double tap the dictate button to start dictation.

Submitted by Justin on Tuesday, December 23, 2014

There are three typing modes. Standard typing is where you slide a finger to the letter/number/symbol you want and do a split tap, hold the finger you are using to find the letter and do a tap with another finger. Touch typing is where you either slide the finger to the letter you want, or if you get good at the keyboard, then put a finger on that letter, and lift off the finger to insert that into a message/email/phone number, etc. Sorry, i don't know anything about direct touch typing, as I currently don't use it.
Hope this all helps you, and also, there are a plethora of resources to get you started with using your first apple device on here. It should be on the main page under the heading of getting started with your first apple device or something. Good luck!

Submitted by Toonhead on Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hi. You can also buy a Bluetooth keyboard which can be pared to your iPhone. When you want to type a message, you can simply use that instead of the on-screen keyboard. I mostly use that because my hands are small, and I've never quite gotten the hang of typing on such a tiny screen.

Submitted by Dorota on Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I think that typing on a Bluetooth keyboard wil be much easier, typing on touch screen makes me really mad haha. and adding contacts as I say in my first post.