feedback on site layout and a spelling mistake

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Hi, while submitting links for possible inclusion in the link directory I noticed two things.
When I was browsing the link directory and looking at app development I noticed that there are a few links there that are not listed in the developer resources section.
Wouldn't it be better to list all the useful developer resources in the part of the site actually called developer resources? that way everything would be centralised for a developer and easy to find, the current situation is that in order to find the resources that are in the link directory and not on the developer resources page the developer will have to click through several areas of the site to find them, which they are unlikely to do, they are more likely just to click on developer resources.
I also noticed a spelling mistake on the site while submitting my links, the confirmation message you get after submitting says
Your link has been submitted. It will be added to the Link Directory when it has beenchecked and approved. Obviously there needs to be a space put in between the words been and checked.