device switching with AirPods Pro

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Hi all,
I am using IOS 14.2, Mac OS Big sur 11.1 and my AirPods Pro are updated to the latest firmware. I was wondering about device switching between my Mac and my I-Phone.
Usually when I start my Mac and when my AirPods are in my ear, the notification appears on my Mac asking if I want to switch to my Mac.
I was hoping that the switch would be automatic and I would not have to go to notification centre or my bluetooth menu to switch to my AirPods on Mac.
Same story on the I-Phone. If I pick up my I-Phone (when my AirPods are in my ears and if I was working on my Mac), then there is a small pop up window on the top of the I-Phone which asks me whether I would like to switch to my I-phone.
I thought the switch would be automatic and instantaneous but I guess I am missing something here.
Is anybody using AirPods Pro to switch between their devices? How does it work for you?
Thank you and have a lovely day,



Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Friday, November 20, 2020

Using 12 pro and iOS 14.2.1 and Series 5 and current OS. It does not work for me. Going from watch to phone does not work. Sad. Sad.