Criteria for AppleVis Golden Apples

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I'm having difficulty deciding how to cast my vote for the 2014 AppleVis Golden Apples, and one factor is the the different criteria on which we can judge apps.

Putting it briefly, should we be voting on which we think are the most useful apps, or which are the most accessible? How should we distinguish between those developers who have made a simple app very accessible and those who have put in a lot of effort to make a complex app mostly accessible?

I am interested in the thoughts of others—and particularly the editorial team—on these questions.

While I'm talking about the Golden Apples, I think Facebook Messenger and Unread should have been on the iOS list, and Omni Focus 2 should have been on the iOS and Mac list. But I suppose that's my fault for not nominating them. I also think Apple's Numbers deserved to be on there as they'v done a great job with the accessibility of that app, but it appears the Golden Apples are mainly for third party developers. Apple Mail on iOS has also done a great job with accessibility introducing the VoiceOver actions.