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I would appreciate receiving any instructions for transferring books in MP3 format from my PC to my iPhone.



Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Friday, February 1, 2013

To copy you're mp3's to you're iPhone iPod or iPad first import the titles in to itunes then after importing sync them to you're iOS device.

I'm sorry, but I don't know how to accomplish any of this on a Mac, since I'm a Windows user. Anyway, ere are the Windows instructons. Perhaps you'll still be able to use them--the keyboard commands will be slightly different, though. You can tell iTunes that certain tracks are audiobooks by finding the tracks in question, selecting them, and pressing control+I to bring up the "Get Info" dialogue. You will find quite a few tabs in this dialogue. Go to the "Options" tab. Tab down until you get to the "Media Kind" combo box. Arrow down until you reach the audiobooks option. You might want to press tab to check the two check boxes that control whether the files in question are skipped when shuffling and whether the playback position is remembered. I have both checked After doing all this, tab to the "Okay" button and press it. iTunes might take a while to make the necessary changes. It should make a sound of tthree ascending tones to let you know that the process has completed. Now, as for syncing your media to your phone, this all depends on how you chose to synch things like music. I chose to use the "Sync select playlists" option. This allows me to when I have made playlists for each audiobook, to check the checkbox associated with the playlist, and have iTunes sync it for me automatically. If I don't want that book on my phone anymore, I just uncheck the box, and the next time I sync my phone with iTunes, the playlist and all it's tracks will be removed from my phone. I can't remember exactly how to set this up, but a quick Google search should sort you out. iLounge has plenty of useful articles to get you up and running with iTunes! They're a great resource! Hope this helps, Shersey

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