AppleVis User Groups launched

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Hi all,

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new area on the AppleVis web site, the AppleVis User Groups.

An AppleVis User Group is a group of people who share a common interest. They are a great way to interact with others on specific topics regarding the use of Apple's range of iDevices and their underlying technology. They offer a great opportunity to connect and learn from each other in ways not normally associated with large communities.

Any registered AppleVis user can create and manage a User Group - it is quick and simple, just navigate to the main User Group page to get started. As the Group Manager, you will have full control over membership and access settings for your Group. When posting to a Group you can select whether the post can be viewed by everybody (public) or just by other Group members (private). Group Managers have the ability to edit or delete posts made to their Group. They also have the option to assign Administrator privileges to other members of the Group.

A few possible topic areas for new User Groups are:

  • Regional or national Groups
  • Jailbreaking
  • Groups for users of specific apps
  • Apple TV
  • Braille Users
  • Game Center
  • Blind iOS developers
  • Groups for users of a specific network carrier

These are just a few suggestions, and the great thing about these new User Groups is that they give you the opportunity to shape the future content and development of this site. You can create Groups to focus on topics you might previously have considered either too niche or perhaps even off-topic for AppleVis.

I hope you will see the User Groups as a great opportunity to contribute to the AppleVis web site, and to make it an even more valuable resource for the community.

I still have some fine-tuning to carry out on this new area of the site, but my initial testing suggests that everything appears to be working as it should. Of course, if you find evidence to the contrary, please be sure to let me know.

I look forward to seeing where this new feature of the site takes us.