AppleVis now supports Markdown syntax when posting content

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I am pleased to announce that AppleVis now supports Markdown syntax. You can use this simple programming language to format your posts to the website. If you are not familiar with Markdown, you should check out this simple guide. It contains some examples of the formatting options available and instructions on how to use them. By default, all posts to the site are currently composed as plain text. So, if you want to use Markdown syntax in a post, you will need to to the following. 
  1. Below the relevant text area you will see a link titled ‘Input Format’. Click on this to reveal the available options.
  2. Make sure that Markdown is selected.
  3. Enter your text in the text area and submit the post as normal.
Markdown does appear to be growing in popularity online (both for blogging and posting to forums), so I hope that people will find it a useful addition to AppleVis.