Apologies to those currently experiencing problems accessing the site

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For those of you who haven’t seen our posts to Twitter (that’s @AppleVis BTW, so be sure to follow us), we’ve been busy apologizing for the site sluggishness and problems downloading/streaming podcasts that people will have been experiencing over the past 24 hours.

As you can probably guess, this started about 1 minute after iOS 8 went live yesterday. Or, more accurately, about 1 minute after we started to post our iOS 8 podcasts.

Although we host the website on a relatively high specification server (which in normal conditions performs admirably), the sheer number of people hitting those podcasts has pretty much brought us to our knees. And, just as things started to get better, out came our KNFBReader podcast.

So, all that we can do at this point is apologize and ask that you bear with us for a little longer. We do feel and share your pain.