Any sites that track sales and deals on the iTunes store?

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One of the things I like least about iTunes is the way they seem to go out of their way to make shopping for movies difficult.

such a tiny percentage of the movies that are available on the iTunes store are easily browseable via iTunes or the store on the Apple TV. A few more TV shows are browseable through the alphabetical listings within the genre sections, but even those listings stop after a certain number have been displayed. On top of this, only one or two sales are shown each week in the Top Movies section or from time to time, within the genre listings. I know other titles are regularly discounted because I have run into these unadvertised sales on many occasions.

I have put in requests on multiple occasions for Apple to make finding movies and, in particular, sale titles, easier, but so far there have been no changes. So, I am hoping to find other resources that keep track of sales and deals on the iTunes store.

I found one site: but it only seems to post a few of the titles that drop in price on a regular basis. I've found many titles that this site missed, so while it is a nice resource to have, I am hoping there might be others out there.

So, does anyone have any other resources for finding newly released titles, titles newly available in HD or with 5.1 audio and, of course, titles on sale? any new resources would be greatly appreciated.





I am a bit of an obsessive collector and while I go for Blu-ray movies and TV shows first, due to the lossless audio, I also buy some DVDs if not available on Blu-ray and iTunes video for convenience. I started with streaming video by just redeeming the free iTunes copies that come with many Blu-ray releases and from watching those, learned how convenient iTunes movies are for travelling and such, so now I still seek out free digital copies, but also buy iTunes movies on sale. so, that is why I am looking for sites that keep track of sales. Just a couple of months ago, I got Boogie Nights for $6.99 as part of an unadvertised sale on New Line titles. If I hadn't randomly happened onto that sale and checked out as many New Line titles as i could remember, I would have completely missed the sale since Apple didn't bother to post it publically on their Top Movies page or anywhere else for that matter. I have just picked up a number of TNT TV series seasons on sale because they actually posted that one and one for CW series on their Top TV Series page. If they would do that and maybe add browseable sections of titles below certain price points, I think that they would sell a lot more movies and I just don't understand why they don't do so.



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