Any Epocrates Users On Here?

Hi all. Subject is pretty accurate. I'm wondering this because a friend recently mentioned this service to me. Without disclosing any personal information, he is going through some changes that require medical intervention and wants me and his other building mates to support him on this journey. So I asked a sister and my father--both of whom are in the medical profession--if they had ever heard of Epocrates. They both know about and have used it. So I just checked out the Epocrates site for future reference, and am finding it to play nicely with VoiceOver. I also found a link to download an iOS app. Have any of you used this app and if so, how accessible is it?


#1 what exactly is this for?

I have never herd of this service. what is it for? by your post, it sounds like a cloud funding site. is this correct