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Hello everyone, As you all probably know by now I am an iPhone and a Mac user. I enjoy playing a lot of games on my iPhone that I've found but can't really find many accessible games for the Mac, can anyone help? What I am really looking for is a game similar to top speed. Top speed if you don't know is an audio only racing game but only works on windows. I used to really enjoy playing this and would like to have something like that on my mac and iPhone. also, these games don't have to be audio games just as long as they are accessible enough to play. Thanks for any help :)



Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Monday, July 8, 2013

For iOS their is a game called solara this game is very accessible. There is also papasangre soul trapper

Hi, I don't really think there's an accessible game for OS X which is like Top Speed on Windows. I really think we need more accessible games on the Mac. At least ports of games which already exist on Windows such as Top Speed, and Road To Rage. Games like Super Egg Hunt would be nice as well. The only games I play on the Mac are the ones available from RSGames. Any other Mac games that I might not be aware of?

Hi and thanks for the information. I do agree with you their does need to be more Mac accessible games. At the min I don't have any games, so I'm not aware of any you might not be. What games do they have on RS games?

Submitted by Santiago on Monday, July 8, 2013

On RSGames, they have the following games: Monopoly Uno BlackJack Yatsi 1000 miles Battleship Shut the Box Apples to Apples Farkle Rummy Pig You can download it from: