accessibility of the fit bit connect app for Windows

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I recently got a fitbit. When you get the fitbit you have to download the fitbit connect programme on to your computer to set up your fitbit. Unfortunately, the programme is not accessible at all with JAWS or NVDA.

I must say that the fitbit app for IOS is brilliant. My fitbit flex has stopped sinking to my ios app after i let the battery run flat.

How can you use the connect programme on the computer? Are there scripts for JAWS or something to download?

Thanks all.



Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hello. As of 2015 may, you didn't have to use the pc / mac app to set up the fitbit. That is the time I last set up a fitbit. I'd suggest you to refer to some fitbit support articles about rebooting your flex, to get it connected to your phone again. Unfortunately I can't give any info about the windows app. The mac app however works perfectly.