Dropbox on the Mac, help

Hi all. The dropbox app for the mac doesn't always seem to update itself. I thought that was the case, so redownloaded it and install went fine. What i can't figure out is why I can't put things into the folders anymore. Say I had a folder name Dan and I. I used to be able to go to that folder, right arrow, and paste. Now I don't know why it won't seem to do that. i'm in I think they call it list view if anyone knows, please let me know as i'd like to go back to sharing again soon. :)


#1 Try opening the folder and

Try opening the folder and pasting your contents directly in to the folder. I never rely on the right arrow as I've pasted in to wrong locations before.

As for dropbox not updating itself I don't know why that does not happen. but sometimes it just won't.

#2 Switch Views

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If you used to right arrow, you were probably in column view in Finder. To use that view, simply press cmd-3. To open folders in list view, use cmd-down arrow in place of right arrow. Also, in column view, you would paste items when Voiceover spoke the folder name, not when the folder was open. In list view, you must first open the folder into which you want to paste. Let us know if you still can't get it working.

#3 It's actually cmd 2 for list

It's actually cmd 2 for list view not 3. No worries though, the rest of the instructions remain the same. I log elist view for what I need it to do.