Option Request: iPhone Control Center

I wonder why they have a seperate item in the list in the settings for Control Center on the iPhone. There is actually nothing much you can control under that option.

It only tells you on how to get to the Control Center and gives you the option to allow access within apps. and the locked screen. It would have been great to have some option to add other setting options in the Control Center. Like you already have control to switch WiFi on/off and same with Bluetooth on/off. Why not also provide an option to switch Cellular Data on/off?

For Cellular Data which I regularly switch to from my WiFi network while travelling, just to switch it off, I need to go to settings > Cellular > and then turn the switch from on to off. How do you get this request out to apple? This is not only an accessibility feature but a usability feature too. Sighted folks would also love to have this option in their Control Center.


Thank you

I have sent the request over to them to the feedback and accessibility email address. Hopefully they will implement this feature in the next IOS update.


That works well too! Thanks for the tip.

using siri

Telling siri is hardly a work around IMO. If I'm in public with a lot of people around, talking to one's phone in such a manner is still unusual and doing so would make me quite self-conscious. This is why I simply don't want to dictate in public, or even when I'm with family as I don't want others hearing what I am dictating. I would like it if they added more toggles in control centre.

Using Siri, not an option for some

I know i've been ranting about this for a long time so i'm sorry if i go on again, but i just have to chime in here and say that for example the Scandinavian languages don't yet have a full fledged Siri and i doubt we'll ever see it happen here so telling siri things are simply not an option. For example Siri can't presently handle Scandinavian names on places and people so adding appointments and so on is as far as i know not possible. That's why i don't use Siri for even simple tasks, it just doesn't work as well as it could.

To ad to that

Hi. To ad to that, if you have already left wifi and cell data is off and you need to turn it on, Siri will not work, because disconnected from the wifi network and cell data off means no internet. No internet means no Siri. So you would have to remember to turn your data on before you leave your wifi network. If you forget, you are out of luck.

IFTTT might help you with

IFTTT might help you with that. There are scripts to turn wifi and cell data on and off at respective locations. I don't use it, but it is quite easy to set up if you know how to click links and stuff.

New Learning

OK majority agree that Siri is not the best solution for this option. Here is a new learning I got from a sighted friend today. The key being that you keep Cellular Data ON. When you are out of a WiFi zone, the cellular data comes on automatically. Just ensure you turned WiFi off and when you are back in a WiFi zone switch it on. Cellular data will automatically be turned off. No need to toggle Cellular Data On/Off. So the Control Center already has the WiFi On/Off toggle switch. Time and effort saved and you are always connected to the internet, unless you choose else and have battery consumption concerns.

Does not work!

Folks, don't try my above suggestion. Even though you are connected to WiFi your Cellular Data is still being used for some strange reason. I thought that it would not be used as long as you are in the WiFi network, but I was wrong. Apologies for any inconvenience

just curious


Please help me understand why someone would want to turn off cellular data. By design, the IOS first checks for wifi signal before switching over to cellular data. Thus apple did not include this in the options. I think it's good as a failsafe measure. IF the wifi you are on degrades or lose signal, you are stuck without a connection.

Yes it's true. While on wifi, a small cellular data will be sent to either find 4G signal or a location service request from your device. A cell tower plus a wifi signal makes location services more accurate.

reasons for turning off Cellular data

David, there are several reasons why one might want to disable cellular data. Amongst these are travelling to foreign locations. Unless cell data is turned off, you will be charged roaming.
Another reason is conserving data if you're data plan is limited. My dad does this all the time and has his data turned off at all times except for when he needs to check email.

Don't forget about battery

Don't forget about battery drain. When your phone searches for a cell signel it puts out more and more power until it can find a cell signel. . I normally turn off cell data as my nearest tower is about 2 miles away which kind of sucks in terms of making a phone call.

Take care.