one finger swipe up to open control center

Hello everybody, I hear you can use a one finger swipe up from the bottom of the page to open the control center. I cannot get this to work, can someone please explain how this works?w


accessing control center

Hi! It's a 3 finger swipe up. That's probably why you weren't having any luck getting it to work. It took me a bit of practice, but now, it works any time I want it.

How to do it.

Ok, to do this correctly, you must put your finger directly above your home button, you should hear a drill sound, like when you double tap, and hold, but instead of 3 clicks, you will only hear 2. If you hear this, you can then slide up at an ok speed, revealing your Control center toggles. NOTE, when you hear the 2Click drill sound, you must not lift your finger up, but slide it up instead. You can do the same with the notifications bar up at the top of the screen, and sliding down. Just do the same if you want to reveal your notifications bar. Position your finger a little bit under the ear piece on the top of the screen and move around until you hear the 2click drill sound, and after that, slide downwards. That will reveal your notifications bar. You can do these 2 gestures anytime, even when an app isn't accessible or anything. And, on either landscape or portrait mode. HTH.

got it.

I got it, thanks a lot. That is awesome, it really works. Thanks to all who responded to my question.

Yes… This is possible. You

Yes… This is possible. You want to place your finger just above the home button and you should hear a sound that sounds very similar to the auditory cue when you begin moving apps around your home screen. Or any sort of activity when you double tap and hold to edit something. Anyways… Place your finger just above the home button and hold until you hear that sound then swipe up. This command can also be used to open the notification Center. Again use one finger and place it just around the area where you feel the cut out in the glass for the phone speaker. (This means you should be with in the status bar area) the same process occurs. Place the finger and hold it until you hear the same sound and then swipe down with that finger. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries… But keep at it. It's actually a pretty nice feature. I actually just upgraded back to iOS 7 today because of some of the accessibility issues that have been addressed so far. I am very happy to report that it was a smooth upgrade and the operating system seems to be running very smoothly. I'm quite pleased with the results. I'm actually writing this post from my iPhone… I have to say I am really liking the new version of Safari. In my opinion it's a lot more straightforward and intuitive. And I'm very happy that I can actually post form topics on the site from my iPhone.

Whoops… Sorry. I didn't see

Whoops… Sorry. I didn't see that this issue has already been resolved. I will look more carefully next time. I apologize.


this ability is very handy, as using the three finger flick up or down is just fine, if you have both hands to use on the screen / holding the device. but the one finger way is very handy for those times where you are operating the device one handed. as in, holding it, and operating it, with the same hand. very useful for when walking with a cane. ahaha. no needing to stop and do the three finger flick.

thats ok

That's okay, but now I have a question for you. Because apples is is always refreshing himself, the safari still lose focus?

a gesture to kill all apps?

Hello all, I have been reading about the control centre and its gestures that we have as voiceover users but there is one thing I'm wondering. I don't even know if sighted folks have this or not but was wondering is there a gesture that would kill all the apps you have open? Thought this would be nice to have from time to time. Thanks all and I look forward to learning if this is present or not.

No Jesture like that

I have been wanting a way to kill all apps for ever. Unfortunately, Apple has not given us such a nice feature. One app at a time. However, if your using IOS7, you now have the abbility to dismiss an app by using a 3 finger swipe up. When your in the app switcher, simpley swipe left or right for the app you want, then do the 3 finger swipe up to "Kill" the app. No more doubletap and hold, and I absolutely love that new feature.

there is a jb tweak for killing apps

There is a jb tweak, I forgot what it is called, but I think it may be called kill all. Anyhow, it adds a button to your app switcher called kill badge. pressing this button will kill apps. You can set it to kill apps and then take you out of the switcher or kill apps and then leave you in the switcher. You can also set it for example to only kill certain apps. So if you wanted you could set it to kill all apps but music so if you were listening to music in the background and you wanted a quick way to kill every app but your music you could do that. Or you could set the kill badge button to kill all the apps but skype so you could use kill badge when on a skype call to kill all your other apps without dropping your skype call. You can also just set it to kill everything.

The 1 finger swipe up only

The 1 finger swipe up only for me works on apps. This does not work on the home screen to go to the control center and or the notification center. This is with all updates from thisp point in time applied.

iOS 7.1.2

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Hello Mary,

As of iOS 7.1.2. This does indeed still works just fine. Even on the Home or the SpringBoard. It doesn't have to be with in an app to make this work. It does take some trial and errors for sure. Though I just fine the three fingers swipe down and up just work much easier. ;)

control center doesn't work at all

I'm not able to get my center up. I tried the three finger swipe, one finger swipe stated above, turning on and off VO, doing a hard restart and making sure it is activated in settings. Have any suggestions?

Your VoiceOver focus should

Your VoiceOver focus should be on the status bar in order for the 3 fingers swipe up to work. In regards with one finger swipe up gesture, , personally, it takes couple of tries most of the time for it to work.

Tthanks Musicruz

I have been trying everything to get my control center to work. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.