Not happy with recent changes to WhatsApp

What have they done to What's App, they've removed the Contacts list so if you don't have a chat window open with all your friends then you won't be able to message them anymore. I think your Contacts are now being displayed as photographs and aren't recognised by Voiceover. They say it's to make it look like Snap Chat and allow them to display adverts while you are chatting with your friends. I guess it's another app destined to be deleted from my iPhone.


WhatsApp Changes

Actually, the contact list is still there. It's how to get to it that's changed. All you have to do is go to the chats tab, then hit compose, and then if you scroll through you'll find your contacts. A bit irritating because of the extra step, and doesn't feel quite as nice as having a dedicated contacts tab, but eh... There you have it. Hope this helps.

What's App Changes

Thanks for that reply, I left the app in disgust before thoroughly checking it out with a friend and she found the solution for me. I'm still not sure what will happen if people change their names for their photo, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. At least for now, it's still usable.

Thank goodness I didn't get whatsapp

Hi, Thank goodness I didn't get whatsapp. besides, in order to stay in contact with each member, you need to give out your phone number, which I don't feel like doing. Thank goodness for Zello, which will let you register by email.

it's been like this for ages...

I'm wondering why you guys have just started noticing this now? What's app has asked for your phone number since the very beginning, and now all of a sudden people are complaining? Also, these days people are deleting apps in disgust and frustration before asking if there's a fix. Come on y'all, ask if there's a fix before deleting an app, you've got loads of people willing to help, but we can't if you don't ask.


Whatsapp has always been the very best in accessibility far better than any other app I can think of. If there are issues they get fixed in the next version, no accessibility bug lasts very long, and I do hope with these new UI and function changes that remains the same.
here's hoping for it.


I still use what's appbut the

I still use what's appbut the quality sucks. I use zello and threema and wechat and allo for people to get hold of me. As for what's app fixing stuff, there is a lot that is still broken, and they take months to fix. Not cool for me considering it use it to stay in contact wiht my family and for broadcast lists.

what is zello?

hi, i want to know, what is zello? and how to use it. How about the accessible for voiceover? what we can do with it.