New Version of Dice World Available

App Developer

Hi everyone!

Dice World Version 16.07 is now available in the App Store.

Fixes include:
- Fix for the nasty bug causing voiceover to intermittently not read the dice values after rolling. This was a tough one, but I believe it is now resolved. Please email support if it pops up again.

- New "Chat Center' where all of your in game chats with other players are centralized into one spot.

- Sound pack subscribers now get 2x bonus for special rolls and rewarded videos! (Yes if you already have a subscription you get this too!)

- An additional spot has also been added to the settings page to email support.

- Voiceover will once again speak who has the last roll in Yatzy.

- New ad vendors for videos. One note, some will close automatically, and some you must close using the scrub gesture.

- Active game total count added back to main screen. An option to remove it is available in the game accessibility settings section.

Please remember if you have any issues to send them using the email option in the game. This sends us all relevant information to help resolve your issues and questions.

Thanks for playing! More good stuff coming soon :)



Love the update. The

Love the update. The intermittent roles time is not fixed but I'll email a sys diag report the next time I can reproduce.