New OCR app for the blind now available!

Many have lamented the fact that the KNFB reader isn't available on the iOS devices. Lament no more! Text Detective has just been released to efficiently take care of all scanning and OCR needs. It uses your device's camera to scan and OCR text. Once properly aligned with a document, and raised about a forearm's length above it, it will scan silently and notify you when text has been found! The process is quick, and you will be able to read clean crisp text with your device and this app. Enjoy!


Does it tell you when it's

Does it tell you when it's alined with the page so you don't have to look funny waving your phone back and forth or in this case up and down to get it alined right? This app sounds interesting. also how will it handle crooked or upside down pages?

Text Detective Alignment

HI Mary, The tips and tutorial tell you how to align the phone to the page. You will align your phone in landscape mode, with the home button against the edge of the document. Then lift it up about a forearm's length, and the app will say, "scanning." and then "evaluating." If it has found text. If you don't get any readable text, the page might be upside-down, you could be too close, or too far away from the printed text.

Can we get an official app

Can we get an official app recommendation page? A link to the app in the app store? The name of the developer? A price? Thanks!