New IOS 6 Release

I am currently using IOS 6.01 on my iPhone 4S. Am I right in thinking that a further IOS 6 Software Update is iminent from Apple? I had heard rumours that a new update was going to be available in December, however, have not heard anything official yet. Has anyone heard any news, in respect to this?


iOS release

I don't get something here, why is everyone so anxious for a release? We have a good OS now, so please be grateful you have it. The update will be released when it's released, and not before. ;)

Jiminy Christmas, Riley!

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Good God Riley! Chill, out, dude?! the initial poster was only asking a question for god sake! Is it that demonic for them to do such? They're not making a big deal as you said. They just asked a question! Quit being a troll!

IOS 6.1

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Hello Charlie, In what we can say without breaking any NDA agreement with Apple is that. We are currently on the IOS 6.1 Beta 3. So that is about all I can say about that. Beta 3 is usually in my experience with beta just darn near the end of beta testing before the real release. However, Apple had annouced that the IOS 6.1 was slated to be released in late December. As with any Apple schedule. That is pretty much up in the air. They will release the IOS 6.1 when they feel that it is ready. As always keep checking back to AppleVis when the day does come. We will certainly will post something on here about it.

They did?

Where did you see such information? I follow apple like a hawk, and never saw anywhere that it was slated to be released near the end of the year.

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Hello Daniel, Alright, I will re-correct myself that it could be ready as soon as the end of December to late January. What I can say we are very close because of the history with beta testing in previous years. As myself and others that are using the IOS 6.1 Beta 3 and have had been testing the beta for several years. The process and usually runs consistantly on schedule as they have always done. As you may see in a variety of sources such as this one: There are many more with more specific targets if you wish to Google on your own. People are wanting this version because as we all know has a lot of bugs. So the sooner the better so some of these nasty bugs will go away. So I understand the anxiety about wanting the release. So I have no problem in people posting such question on this site. So that is all I can say Daniel without breaking any NDA. So Just hang tight. It is coming very soon.