Netflix main screen is uncomfortable to use


Sorry if this has already been discussed here but I have tried to explain my problem through their chat but the answer was definitely out of scope, I'm not even sure I was talking to an human...

If you use Netflix through the iOS app with VoiceOver, you may have noticed that for a few versions, the main screen has become very uncomfortable to use (I'm talking about their home screen). I'm unable to hear the titles of the suggested shows (films or series) We can only hear the year and the genres / sub-genres. We have to double-tap on this to open the selected title screen to get further info. Moreover, there are no more headings allowing to cycle through recently watched", "hot titles etc (sorry roughly translated from French which is my native language).

Have someone noticed this and have any workaround? Is there any way to contact them directly regarding this matter

Thanks a lot.


Existing thread

There is an existing thread, which I found quite quickly, that mentions the same issue. But, before I send you over there, some advice.

I'm assuming you communicated with them via a text-based interface, which in all likelyhood is staffed by chat bots. I've had success communicating via voice. Of the two accessibility issues I reported, both were eventually fixed. Of course, those were issues with consistent behavior, but your issue is one that seems to be inconsistent (I and some others haven't noticed it).

Here's the other thread. One theory put forward is that the language might affect the issue.


Thanks Paul for the reply. My app is set to French and I live in France. I'll try to uninstall / reinstall the app.

From the computer. Please

From the computer. Please note that if the test is enabled, the word ENABLED doesn't appear to be clickable according to my screen reader, but you can hit enter on it anyway.


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Thanks for the tip. For now, Netflix is working like it should. Still, this is an ominous sign going forward.