Need a way to send text between a 4s and a 6

Since universal clipboard does not work on the 4s is there another way to send text between a 4s and a 6? Thank you.


Can you use the cloud?

Can you use one of the cloud services? Notes will share files through iCloud. Or there's Dropbox, OneDrive, or GoogleDrive. You could also use email or text messaging.


I am talking about copy pasting.

Pages or E-mail

Have you tried using Pages? You can also try e-mailing the info to a different e-mail address if you have another e-mail account on the 6. I will do these options at times as back up options. Wishing you good luck and hope this helps!


Couldn't you copy the message text and paste into notes (assuming the 4s can use it)? the note app could save to your iCloud account, and then they would be available as notes anywhere else.

As others have stated, you could choose more on the message, then use the forward button to send the message to an Email address for safe keeping. You could then even send yourself a copy of the message if you know how to Email your phone number, if the case is one where you are switching from a 4s to a 6.