Need suggestions for an accessible calender app that works in Yosemite and has iCloud support

Don't know if this is just me, but I find the native calendar app in Yosemite to be allmost unusable...
It's messy and hard to wrap my mind around, and I find myself using the iPhone each time I need to either check the already saved calendar events, or especially to add new ones.
I would really like to be able to use my Mac for this, since I do all my other work-related stuff on it.
So does any of you have a suggestion for a more accessible calendar app for Yosemite, that also syncs through iCloud with the calendars I use on my iPhone?
You would make me one happy man!


#1 Hi Cliff!

Hi Cliff!

Haven't found any good replacement myself yet, so I do still use it. I however, found some workarounds you might be interested in.
1. My first issue was that I couldn't get a list of upcomming events. The trick is to use the tab key in the month view. Then you can jump back and forth between events.
2. New events are quite easy to do. just hit command-n and type something like:
Luch April 23rd 2015 12:00
Press enter and the event is shown. you then need to go through the last few options to check if everything is as you want it to be.
This is just a few notes. Please let me know if you need any thing else. Perhaps we can share some great stuff here.

Best regards Thomas

#2 I find that switching to week

I find that switching to week view shows my events fine. Hope that also helps.

#3 No problems with the native calendar hear

Perhaps I just don't use the features you are having issues with, but I like the native calendar. I find it easy to add events. I can easily navigate the calendar and see my events, it seems pretty good. I would be curious to know what problems people are having.

#4 Hi Cliff,

Hi Cliff,

Have you looked into Fantastical?
It combines reminders and calendars by pulling them from the native calendar app.
It also features natural language support.
It's an expensive app, and I'm planning to buy it from the mac app store soon.

I don't have problems using the native calendar app in the meantime.

#5 Thanks

Hi all, and thanks for all your great hints about the native calendar app! Sorry for my late reply! :)
I will have to give the native calendar app another go then... Maybe I was to quick to turn it down after all... :)
By the way, does any of you know how accessible FantastiCal is on Mac? I might want to buy it, if it works fine with VO...
But I'll definitely give the native app another spin first!

#6 Hi Cliff,

Hi Cliff,

I saw an Applevis podcast on the native OS calendar app.
I use Fantastical, and it´s accessible on the mac. I love the natural language but the podcast will do something similar like figure out the event based on given information.

Doyou have specific questions about fantastical with vo_