Need some help with two apps

Hi everyone, two questions, one for each app. First, how do I use Quick Record to record and then transfer recordings to the camera roll on my iPad 3? Second, how do I search for podcasts from the iTunes store using Apple's Podcasts app recently posted in the entertainment category on Applevis? Thanks!


Quick Record

As long as you have the newest version of Quick Record it transfers automatically to the camera roll.

Apple Podcast

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Sorry, I can't help on the Quick Record question for you. However I can help you on the new stand alone Apple Podcast app! You can come here to this page: Podcasts: Introducing Apple's New Standalone Podcast App for iOS There you can listen to my podcast on a walk thru and how to use the Podcast app. Or, follow these instructions: 1) Open the Podcast App 2) Make sure the Podcasts tab is selected. You can find this tab in the lower left corner of your screen. 3) Now select the Catalog button which can be found in the upper left corner of the screen. 4) Now select the Search tab located in the bottom right corner of your screen. 5) You now should have the Search field on this creen. Enter the podcast you are looking for. 6) In the lower right corner is the Search button. Double tap on that. 7) You will have your results. Double tap on the podcast you want to subscribe. 8) Now select the Subscribe Hope that helps you out!

Tried that, didn't work.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I tried what you said, but when i open the app, there is only one button present on the screen and VoiceOver announces it as a dimmed button, it's also unlabeled. When I double-tap that button, nothing happens, in fact my iPad just freezes and VoiceOver stops responding. I dismissed the ap from the app switcher, then look for the sound which supposedly got recorded and transferred to the camera roll, only to find nothing. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but cannot figure out what.

Thanks for your help! I will

Thanks for your help! I will listen to your podcast tomorrow but shall try the app again tonight. Thanks again!

the 'dimp button'

VO does announce the button as a dimp button, but it does activate when you double tap it. When you do, the recording is started. To stop it just double tap again and you will get a message saying the recording is being processed, then that it is in your camera roll.

Yes, it does. Thanks for the

Yes, it does. Thanks for the info! Works very well, need to experiment with the recorded sounds a bit more.

Can you post if you get this

Can you post if you get this to work? I've just read a review on the app store saying it doesn't work. Also what format does it save the recording in and what quality?

yes it does

To answer your first question: yes it does work. The button says that it is a "dimp button", but it activates when you double-tap it. Just double-tap again to stop recording. The recordings save in the same format as a video recording from the camera, which I believe is .MOV. As for the quality: it depends what mic your using, the internal mic or an external one.

I think I'll stick with the

I think I'll stick with the app called Clear Record for the moment. It can be set to automatcialy start recording when the app is loaded and You just need to tap on done when finished. It saves in wav format. If I used an external mic then could I get the same quality as a digital voice recorder? and do you know what the name of the cable is that allows you to plug an external mic into the headphone socket?

Hi, Clear Record sounds like

Hi, Clear Record sounds like a good option for me as well. But with Quick Record, I don't really find any difference in the quality of sound when recording through an external mic, other than the fact that you can't hear the distance.

about quick record

The reason quick record records to .MOV is so you can upload them as videos to sites like facebook and twitter.