My review and thoughts on the Inquisitor audio game adventure.

Hello all, I have just completed the inquisitore audio game that came out last week. I Have to say I was very impressed with the game and audio content and voice acting skills. Although there is no replay valu I still really enjoyed it and some of the puzzels were really hard to solve. I found this a brilliant game and can't wait to play the next chapter of the adventure. I will be a loyal customer of this developer for sure so if you read this thanks very much for a great game. Ian McNamara


Is your completion at 100%?

Hi. You said you have completed the game and there's no replay value. Does that means your completion is at 100% when looking at yur saved game? Mine is only at 82%, and for me there is something to come back to.

Hi all,

App Developer

Hi all,
just wondering if you know about the new audio game we are releasing, it's called Inquisitor's Heartbeat. I have posted a message about it here on AppleVis. Also, check us out on, our new portal dedicated to audio games!

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Mirko Venturi
Produc manager, Audio Games
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I'm near the start of this terrific game and I can't figure out how to use the rare lichen etc, to make the catalyst. Any help would be appreciated.