Music in the cloud on the Music App on IOS

I'm not sure if this is an issue that other people have spotted, or if this is just the way the music app on the iPhone now is, but I keep seeing the music in the cloud as well as the music that's on the phone.
Previously, I has the music that I purchased in iTunes downloaded twice onto my phone, and when I found out I deleted the duplicates,however, these were only downloaded onto the phone, the iTunes library on my Mac did not have that issue, even though it's the same library. Another issue here is, when I deleted the duplicate songs off my phone, I could still see them in the cloud, so each song purchased in iTunes, on my phone only, was shown twice in my songs list.
I managed to hide the music in the cloud on my mac, but was wondering if that could somehow be done on the music app. I remember it being possible in settings before, but it seems like now I cannot find an option to sort it out. Or, is it just the way this new music app is?
Can someone help?


Hiding Cloud music in the Music app

Hi, I'm an Apple Music subscriber and, if you're not, things may be different for you. However, I think this will work.
I'm assuming that you're in the My Music tab at bottom right of the apps screen.
Around the middle of the page you'll find a button which may be labelled Album, Artists, Songs, Genres, Composers or Compilations.
If you tap this button (or double tap in VoiceOver) you'll get a drop down list of the items I've just listed followed by a switch to select "Only Downloaded music". If you turn this switch on, then you'll not be offered music from the cloud.
Hope that helps,