Moving a fifth icon to the dock

At some time in the past it was possible to have five icons in the dock at the bottom of the home screens, but now that doesn't seem possible or Apple has broken this feature in an update because every time I try to move a fifth icon to the dock, it doesn't move.

Is there a way to do this with iOS 12.4.1?


#1 adding a fith icon to the doc

this is only possible if you are on an iPad. this has not been possible on iPhone.

#2 Really?

If that is true, then tell me why I used to be able to add a fifth icon to the dock on my iPhone SE. It could have been while I was running iOS 11.x, or it might have been an earlier version of iOS 12, I don't recall how long ago it was when it was possible, but I do know that it used to be possible.

#3 I don't think this has ever

I don't think this has ever been possible on the iPhone.

#4 Yeah agreed. You were never

Yeah agreed. You were never able to do this on the iphone. I'e ben using an iphone since 2010 and maybe apple took that away as it was a bug.

#5 4, all the way

Been using iPhone since 2011. Dock gets in 4 icons always.

#6 Fine! Don't believe me...

Fine! Don't believe me then, but I know for certain that at one time in the past that I was able to put five icons in the dock on my iPhone.

Was it an unintended bleeding of an iPad feature onto the iPhone? It's quite possible, and now Apple has stopped the bleeding, so it's no longer possible.

That was all you really needed to say, but the fact that you all chose to infer that I am not being honest just says a lot about this community, and it doesn't look particularly good, and just validates my decision not to buy another iPhone but to switch to Android instead.

Moderators, please lock this topic as any further responses like the ones already posted here won't benefit anybody.

#7 I don’t think anyone inferred anything. They simply answered

As previously stated in the subject, I don’t think anyone in furred anything negative. I think that they simply answered your question.

I’ve been using iOS in an advanced capacity for almost a decade. And as far as I’m aware, only four apps have been permitted in the dock. Having a fifth app in the dock would be beneficial. And I encourage you to submit that feedback to

I can understand the frustration your feeling when people can’t confirm what you know. Perhaps you can provide more information. Perhaps you would also consider remaining positive, patient, and open to others feedback.

#8 Didn't mean to offend, merely

Didn't mean to offend, merely describing my own experience as the last poster said. Did you buy the SE new and if not, is it at all possible that it had been jail broken? I've not got any real experience with jail broken iPhones but this seems it could have been a feature.

The reason I'd be really surprised to learn that there was ever a fifth doc space would be simple aesthetics, as there are just four columns of apps and, as we all know, aesthetics are what apple loves. An extra item in the doc might look imbalanced.

One example of a five icon bottom menu however is the phone app. I'm sure this is true for other apps as well.

All I can talk about is my own experience. Your use case scenario seems highly unusual compared with my own. All we can give is our own perspective. Please don't imagine that we are inferring anything, we are simply providing the fact that none of us have experienced this feature.