More questions about the Focus 14 display with the iPhone.

I'm doing quite well now with the Focus, but I have some questions that neither the manual or keyboard help are helping me with. How do I get the iPhone's cursor to follow the Braille cursor? How do I select the text that I want to select? I know how to do this on the phone, but it would be helpful to do it on the Focus. It looks like the copy, cut and paste commands are easy, but I can't figure out how to select the right text. Thank you.


#1 re

When you pair your display with an ios device voiceover takes control of it.
I do not think you can control the ios cursor. Hope somebody has info to the contrary.
to select text twist the rotor to text selection with space-2-3 or space-5-6.
then use space-3 or space-6 to maneuver thru the options.
You can choose character, word, line, page or all.
you cannot select any arbitrary spot to begin and end a selection afaik unless u get some word processor app.

Another thing that works for me--say I want to delete a line.
turn the rotor to lines, move cursor on to that line and press space-2-3-5-6.
It selects that line. Then press space-1-4-5 to delete.

All this stuff works better on a real computer.
I have heard you can control the cursor on macs.

#2 Controlling iPhone with braille display

Wouldn't it be nice if some of these small portable braille displays came with a built-in QWERTY keyboard rather than a braille keyboard. Then one could control the device as easily as one could as when using a standard blue tooth keyboard and use the full power of keyboard commands. Also, what a nuisance for people who are used to using standard keyboards for PCs and the like to have to learn another whole set of keyboard commands just to use a braille display for output. I know some people like braille keyboards for input, but I personally find it much more efficient to use a standard QWERTY keyboard that most folks are already used to and it would be nice if we actually had the choice.