More Live Trivia games to try

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, I'm on Android now. This means that I can't really add apps to the applevis directory since I can't give accurate ratings.

However, I figured I'd give a list of games for you all to try to see about accessibility on iOS.


Hangtime provides three chances for games. 2 PM eastern, 6 PM eastern, and 10 PM eastern.


Like HQTrivia, but part of swagBucks. I remember the swagBucks app being hit or miss, so not sure on that one.


Not accessible on Android, though I did reach out to the developer, who does respond unlike HQ. They offer three games. Quizzo, similar to HQ, Music Mania, guess the song and more in-depth questions, and Trivia Crush, like HQ, but with a timer noting how long it takes you to answer a question. additionally, one has to "make the cut" before getting to the money questions.


Inaccessible on both platforms, but perhaps we can do some digging and find some developer contacts.

Okay, that's all I got. Speaking of Trivia, HQ's new HQ Sports show is on and about to start, so I'm gonna go try my hand at it!


#1 joyride?

I've downloaded several of the apps mentioned. Thank you so much for providing them. I am signed up with hangtime and eagerly await trying my hand at the first game. Joyride however is posing a problem. I click the get started button, which takes me to a phone number field. After inputting my phone number in though, I can't find a button anywhere for taking me to the next screen. The only button I find is unlabeled, and dimmed. I've eve tried turning off VoiceOver and tapping all around the screen, but no luck. I'm probably being dumb and missing something, but any tips on how to get off the ground with this one?

#2 Arena

There is also one called arena. It is similar to hq too but instead of just buttons the buttons are labelled with the actual question answers. The chat does get in the way of finding the buttons but once you learn where the buttons are on the screen. A little bit up from the bottom, it’s not bad. My referral code is Vape_Lord

#3 Arena

@Jessica, thanks for letting me know about that one. I recently found out about it, but it isn't on Android and I forgot to mention it. I was going to. It's nice to know that the buttons are labeled. With HQ, Talkback reads the buttons correctly, so I'm getting more questions correct now.
Regarding Joyride, press the unlabeled button to continue.

#4 odd

the button, no matter what I do, looks to be dimmed. I've entered my phone number both with, and without the 1 in front of it, inputted it with dictation, typed it on the keyboard, and done it with proper spacing using braille screen input.

#5 speaking of HQ

please fill out this survey out at
and don't forget to tell them about the accessibility problems we are having

#6 there is also another one

there is one called majorityrules. basically how it works is you get 15 seconds to type an answer
the questions are something like: name a place that you would be embarrassed to see your boss?
lets say I type party, and most of the people also typed party, I would be moving on to the next round
there are 10 questions and if you answer wrong but answer the rest correctly, you will get an extra life

#7 is the game just called arena

is the game just called arena? I can't find it in the UK appstore unless its the one to do with music? also, I can't find joyride is that US only?

#8 Arina

Arena - Live Trivia Battle by Science Mobile, LLC

#9 SwaIQ is not accessible when

SwagIQ is not accessible when trying to answer the questions

#10 the arena game isn't

the arena game isn't available in the UK appstore it seems.

#11 JOyride

Has anyone been able to get past the phone number portion of Joyride to verify whether the game/answering questions portion of Joyride is accessible on iOS?

#12 hangtime no longer accessible

Hi all, I stopped using hangtime last year because I became annoyed that every game there was at least one visual question to do with a film clip where they didn't play the sound so of course I stood no chance of getting it right and probably little chance of winning, so I deleted hangtime after I contacted them to point this out and got no response what so ever.
But recently I decided to give hangtime another go after hq trivia scrapped its UK games, meaning that I have to wait till about 2 in the morning UK time if I want to play, plus accessibility has deteriorated on hq wen it comes to finding the question answers, and one of there games is totally inaccessible that they play to do with words. and at least this wasn't an issue with hangtime.

anyway I redownloaded hangtime and sad to say its accessibility seems to have deteriorated this is because I am unable to get through the sign up process using voiceOver the get started button doesn't seem to respond when double tapped, and swiping to learn about points and the other bits of the tutorial don't respond to VoiceOver. I have no idea if answering questions is still accessible though. But given the support people's lack of response when I wrote to point out about the unfair nature of the visual questions I am just going to delete it again. shame as I don't remember the sign up being inaccessible before.

#13 Hangtime

Even if you're signed up and can get past the getting started button, Hangtime switched toa watch party format now. They don't play games, but whenever something big is going on they'll put on watch parties. Not sure if they have questions while these events are going on.

They had one for the first episode of Game of Thrones, another one for a Soccer game among others.

#14 Oh right I see, sounds a bit

Oh right I see, sounds a bit of a pointless app now then, I mean seriously if an event is happening surely people should be paying attention to whatever is going on rather than there screen, I won't bother with hangtime then.