The miss-spelled words option

Hi all. I’ve encountered a problem while using the miss-spelled words option within the rotor and wondered if this is happening across the board or as a result of me doing something wrong somehow.

My understanding is that once you navigate to miss-spelled words on the rotor (from the beginning of the text) and then one finger flick down, you should be taken to the first incorrect word and voiceover speaks it. In my case, nothing happens at all when i flick down, not even any voice feedback, despite the fact i know for certain the text contains incorrect words (i deliberately put them them there so i could try and work this out lol).

The “check miss-spelled words” option in my settings is turned on, and so far i am encountering the same problem described above within the messages and mail apps. My device is running the latest version of IOS.

If anyone can offer me any suggestions as to what’s going on and how to fix it i’d be very appreciative. In a final attempt i’ve even tried re-setting my phone but this has achieved nothing.

Many thanks in advance for any help./



Have you tried turning the mispelled words option off/on again? Sometimes, in my expierence that solves issues related to spicific settings. If that doesn't work, then it could be a bug. Abso, try it in other apps and see if you get the same results like Facebook, Google or anywhere else you enter text. That might be helpful if it's a bug and decide to report it. It'd determine if it was linked to Apple apps only, or 3rd party apps also. I'm not saying try every single app, but just try 1 or 2 3rd party apps. If it's a bug, I haven't seen it myself. And I'm running 12.1.1 on my ipad. Hope this helps.


Thanks. I have tried turning the setting off and on again - problem is still there, and seems to be consistent across all apps i’ve tried thus far: messages, mail, outlook and facebook. Think i’ll start by going to see the lovely folk in my local Apple store and have them check a few things for me. Thanks for that.2

Keyboard Selection

In my case it worked when I selected English US keyboard. So it seems the feature does not work with all English keyboard varient.


Hi and thanks to everyone who has offered me suggestions. To update you, since i posted i’ve had a friend watch me. Taken us a while but after altering some of my settings (he’s far more tech savvy than me - i simply did as i was told lol) - it seems to be working for now, though not across what many of us would consider all key areas, e.g. notes. It was interesting to read one comment that maybe keyboard selection does affect this feature. I use english UK, and so far we’ve not had to change it in order for miss-spelled words to work. I will play around though, just for the sake of my own curiosity. Thanks all ☺️

There's a Podcast the spelling issue

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In the podcast, it explains that spell checking is very limited right now across iOS and works in very few apps, luckily mail being one of them, but not in Notes.

Here is my suggestion

When this function of correct mis spelt words first appeared I encountered the same problem. Under Settings, under general and under keyboard turn on the option: "Check Spelling." You can always turn it off again after you made your corrections, because keeping this on can be annoying when you want to back space a couple of caracters when busy typing. I love this mis spelt words feature, because English is not my first language. After I made relevant corrections I at least don't feel like a complete idiote.

I do too

Yes I’ve always just left the “check miss-speled words” option in settings switched on to be honest - doing so never gets in the way of what i’m doing.

works for me

I got the podcast, and so far, in every app I tried it in, it seems to work as expected. Maybe I'm just not using an app that doesn't support it. But, as has been stated in Os. blog posts, we all use our devices differently. So, that could be part of it. Maybe if it is a bug, maybe it's only popping up in your use case. Who knows? Anything is possible. Plus, I use US. english keyboard too so...