Mikko, a blind rockstar working for accessible and immersive audio games

App Developer

Hi all!

We would like to introduce you to Mikko Herranen, one of our most important team members. He is blind and a rockstar 24/7. He is also the person forcing us to go one step forward with accessibility and immersive audio quality.

You can read his thoughts and more about who he is here:

Best regards

Ps: myTrueSound is searching for a living in Finland blind C# programmer. If you know any, please, share this knowledge with him/her.


#1 Games

If you want to create a game that will be successful and probably make money, create american football, basketball or football sound games. Long time ago I knew someone who created a american football game for PC. I played with it for hours and could play against many teams. Tire of games that do not provide sports games.