may be a dumb question but...

I've got a question. And it may be a dumb 1 but...
will there be any podcasts & posts about ipad-Os. when or before it drops on the 24th? Or are the podcasts & posts you did for Ios. cart of ipad-Os.?
Mainly, I ask because I'd like 2 be able 2 make an informed choice on whether or not 2 update then or wait 4 a version or 2. Like a lot of you, I rely on this info 2 help me make that call. Along with what others on here have 2 say in the comments. My inner geek is curious & hungry & I can't wait 2 start playing around & exploring! But, it'd be nice 2 know if fixes 4 bugs being experienced now will be baked in also. Thank you for your help in advance! And thank you for the hard work, research & in terms of bugs teeth-grinding so we don't have to!


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Hello Dawn,

Yes, we do have podcasts covering some of the new features in iPadOS 13.1 set for posting on or before September 24, 2019.

As for any accessibility bugs in iPadOS 13.1, our findings will be part of our post detailing our findings in iOS 13.1; this will be released once the software becomes publicly available.

thank you! :)

Thank you Michael!
I just didn't know how things would work this year, what with Apple switching thing up on us all. And add to that, I was going on the assumption that bug fixes 4 ones that are there now would be baked in. I'll keep an eye out 4 all the Ipad-Os. news!
Once again, thank you guys for all your hard work, dedication, research, & teeth-grinding & suffering when it comes 2 bugs so we don't have to! :)


that's graet!