Mail not updating unless I open 'mail', help please.

Hello all,
I have another problem with the upgrade to my new iPhone 6. Everything works fine now and IOS 8.1 looks ok to me. However, I am having a problem getting mail to upload when the 'mail' icon is closed.
I am using Outlook on an exchange server and when I had my iPhone 5s, mail would happily update all the time i.e. I could hear the harp sound I assigned to mail 'doing its stuff' all the time with the new mail being added and me hearing the change in the number of new e-mails being displayed on the mail icon.
However, I now have to open 'mail' now before I hear the harp and the mails update. I've tried going to notifications and switching on some of the notification options but I still cannot get it to work. Can someone suggest a solution?
Also, when I got my iPhone 5s last year, I loaded my apps and straight away I started to get notifications on the locked screen. For example, 'apps gone free' would say 'your new apps gone free are ready' at about 6 PM every evening and my BBC news app would put messages on the screen and make the BBC news sound when a new piece of news came out, that no longer happens on my iPhone 6, although I believe I still have the same settings as on the iPhone 5s. Why and what is the solution?

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Mail notifications

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One thing to check would be your mail settings under "mail, calendars and contacts". I believe that is where you will find the "fetch new mail" option, although it may say something else. Sorry I can't be of any more help to you, but I've never encountered that particular problem. If it is an exchange email that you are having a problem with, I might suggest deleting that account from your phone and then setting it up as a new account again if that is possible.

Check your fetch settings

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I had a similar issue with my Gmail account, and I discovered that I needed to change the schedule for fetching mail. The Gmail account was configured to fetch, but the setting which controlled how often fetching occurred got set to manual somehow. I changed it to every 15 minutes, and that solved the problem.

You will find the appropriate settings under Mail, Contacts and Calendars in the Settings app.

mail now works fine but still not notifications

Dear all,
Thank you, mail now works fine. However, I still have problems with notifications as I described before. That is, when the screen is locked I used to get notifications from apps like Apps Gone Free to say the new free apps were available, BBC News to notify me of new news stories and the BBC news sound to accompany them, Groupon when a new offer came in and eBay when an item had been dispatched. This was with my old iPhone 5s. Now, with my new 6 with the upgrade to IOS 8.1 this no longer happens. Can someone put a finger on why and what the solution is? It must be that the IOS 8.1 upgrade has changed the settings (like with the mail fetch setting this message was first about) but that is now working and I am let with this other annoying issue. Any suggestions about how to make these notifications work again?

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hello Steve
I've encountered this issue when I upgraded to iOS 8, but now after upgrading to iOS 8.1 the prolem has beens olved and the notifications are working automatically

some settings to check

Go in your VoiceOver settings and make sure speak notifications in lock screen is checked. Then go in to the notification settings for each of the apps you want notifications from and make sure sounds and icon badges is turned on. Then make sure alerts or banners is selected. Don't use the none option. And for the ones you want to here even if your device is locked make sure show in lock screen is on.

Solved email push issue!!!!

I was going crazy doing all the stuff that I was reading online, checking my notification settings, etc. nothing worked........until.......

I went into settings>cellular>roaming> Voice and data, make sure this is enabled.

RE: Check your fetch settings

Do you need to keep Push on before setting your fetch settings to 15 minutes or do you need to turn push off?

I can't be sure, but I don't

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I can't be sure, but I don't think PUSH has anything to do with fetching, so it shouldn't matter if PUSH is off. And really, the fetch schedule can be set to anything except Manual and it should work. If it doesn't, I just force Mail to quit and then restart it. That tends to straighten things out.


Will it be a certain solution for not updating mails in my iPhone?