Wanted: Suggestions for Mac or IOS app to edit long interviews

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Hi guys,

I've kinda asked this before but didn't quite ask it right. I've started a D&D actual play podcast (NERD!) ... and have managed to put a few episodes together by taking the mp3 of the session, and trimming the end and start to fit with the play. What I need now is a way of removing those silences where I'm looking something up or, more important, editing out any unsuitable dialogue from my players ... Obviously, I'm virtuous to a fault, it's all them.

Itunes is very clunky to edit down the file anyway as have to go to the track, get info, go to options, change start time, test it, redo until satisfied and then make an mp3 version with those stop and start times in place.

What I need is something faster, easier to access, where I can grab chunks of good audio and then put it back together.

I'm using an application called join together where I add audio files in order, opening jingle, intro etc and it turns it into one track.

What do you suggest? What do you podcasters at AppleVis use to make podcasts for here? How do you grab sound bites?

I'm sorry if this is a bit of a wide question but think a lot of other would be blind apple users would get into podcasting if we had more of a clue ... Maybe a tutorial?

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Submitted by Chris on Monday, April 2, 2018


I recommend Amadeus Lite or Pro if you want a good audio editor on macOS. Amadeus LIte costs $25 and Pro costs $60. As far as I can tell, Lite does not give you multitrack recording as well as other features like managing stereo channels and some other editing tools. If you want everything, go with Amadeus Pro. It's only $60. Check it out from http://hairersoft.com

I recommend purchasing directly from the developer rather than the App Store. The App Store version is sandboxed and lacks some features such as creating iTunes ringtones.

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Monday, April 2, 2018

Thanks so much for the reply! I've got pro now and after listening to https://www.applevis.com/podcast/episodes/digitize-your-vinyl-records-amadeus-pro-mac

And extrapolating the marker concept, I'm flying! ... Just one point for any using that podcast, some of the shortcut keys, mainly "extend to start" or "Extend to beginning" seem to have been removed. I did actually get it through the app store as had some credit there, I'm not sure if that would make any difference, a moderate annoyance though to have to go through the menus to get to that point.

Next stop is working out how to do overdubs, add in jingles and move them into sequential order.

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Submitted by Mohammed Alwahhabi on Monday, April 9, 2018

I recommend you to try audacity it is free and open source. the old version of it is accessible too.